Let's migrate!

  • Change your duplicate T-rex into a whole new T-rex.
  • Assign correct properties to your T-rexes.
  • Rewards you 10 $FOSSIL tokens for each T-rex migrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have to manually claim your $FOSSIL token, $FOSSIL token will be automatically minted to your wallet upon migration of your Genesis Trexes.

There's no time limit to when you have to migrate your Genesis Trexes but future works in our roadmap require the migrated trexes. Please do it when it's convenient and cheapest for you to do so.

Your Trexes are migrated the moment the transaction is validated on the mainnet. From the migration page, if the button is disabled and has "Migrated" text, your corresponding Trex has been successfully migrated. You can also check by looking at the CryptoTrex Genesis collection.

OpenSea takes some time to populate the NFT metadata like image URL and properties so you should probably have to check again in 20-30 minutes. For immediate status, you can always check from this migration page (pieces with button disabled and text turned into "Migrated").